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Two Days

There will be 12 classes (6 per day) taught at the camp. It is an intense weekend that acts as a type of pressure cooker for learning. Our dancers appreciate the visceral learning experience since as artists they crave a real and raw push to be better.


At the end of the camp there are scholarships given to dancers on behalf of the teachers. Each scholarship is based not only on skill, but an evident positive attitude and impressive studious habits.


The scholarships consist of 6 Gold Scholarships and 1 Platinum Scholarships. The Gold Scholarships, or the Teacher's Choice Award, are worth 50% off the upcoming R2D Winter Camp. These are awarded to students who leave a memorable impression on each individual teacher in their respective classes and based on many factors thought out by said teachers.

The Platinum Scholarships is valued at 100% off at The R2D Winter Camp and is awarded to one single student. The recipient is a collective decision made by all teachers and will be given to the student who exudes great positive energy, supreme work ethic, and commitment during the camp. 

Summer Camp

The R2D Summer Camp 2019 is a two day dance camp featuring some of the best dance educators from Los Angeles, New York, Australia, and Toronto. We believe in creating an environment for the dancers to come and share in a positive energy conducive to growing the art and community.


It is our fifth camp in the past two years and it is growing exponentially with every camp. The main goal is to unite all dancers under one roof while striving for not only our own, but each other’s growth. Without the immense support from many of our cities and their dancers this goal would be that much harder to reach.

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